Ke Gao-Böhm

About me

Welcome to my language institute!

“My language institute is an important meeting point in Vienna”

Ms. Ke Gao-Boehm, the founder and managing director of the GeDe German Center for Languages and Culture.

Born in the picturesque historical city of Dali, in southwest China

  • 1983-1987 German language and literature studies at the Foreign Language University of Sichuan, China
  • 1991-1992 German language and literature studies in Duisburg, Germany

She has lived and worked in Austria for almost 30 years.

Ms. Ke Gao-Böhm has decades of teaching experience with German as a foreign language and is a certified teacher and experienced examiner of ÖIF and ÖSD exams.

In Person:

What do you like about your school neighbourhood?
The Naschmarkt! It is a vivid meeting place for people of all nations. I like this diversity of cultures!

What is your favorite Chinese dish?
Ramen with coriander and a spicy hotpot in winter

What is your favorite dish from Vienna?
Spareribs grilled with garlic sauce

What do you particularly esteem about Vienna?
Political stability, the low crime rate, the good health system and numerous opportunities for leisure and culture

What are your visions?
My language institute is an important meeting point in Vienna for the peaceful exchange of cultures and languages and the inclusion of all nations!

How many successful students do you look after every year?
about 500 to 800 persons